Rules v0.3.6

Season Beta Special Rules

The following rules are in use for the duration of Season Beta of HGBTS. Tournament Organizers may choose to exclude some or all of them at their discretion. Any rules not in used for an event should be noted in the event information.

Companion Rules

All Rules from the Alpha/Beta section of the 3.1 Companion are in use, as well as the units from the New Model section.


By default, only the Save-Action and Mo-Actions are used. Alternatively, a TO may choose to also a different combination of Flex-Actions, though we do not suggest using both Save-Actions and Pull-Actions.

Mechanized Deployment

Any vehicle with the Transport trait that is deployed with embarked infantry or gears may deploy up to 6" outside their deployment zone.

Mechanized Deployment may not be used with other deployment skills such as AirDrop or Sub. Vehicles which have an Armor attribute greater than 8 or VTOL trait may not use this special rule.

Pass Tokens

After rolling for initiative, the player with fewer remaining Combat Groups will generate a number of Pass Tokens equal to the difference. During the Activation Phase, a Player may spend a Pass Token instead of selecting one of their Combat Groups to activate. This immediately ends that players activation without activating any of their Combat Groups.

Urban Sensor Interference

Sensors may only pass through a single medium cover building, effectively treating the second building the sensors would pass through as heavy cover.