Rules v0.3.5

Supply Disruption (SO vs GP)

The GP force escorts a formation of 2 Camel Trucks carrying supplies across the table.

  • Deployment Zone: Standard 12" deployment
  • Table Setup: After deployment zones have been chosen, the GP player will place five Control Markers, named Waypoints 1 through 5, in the following manner:
    • The GP player places Waypoint 1, within 6" of their table edge.
    • The GP player then places Waypoint 5, within 6" of the enemy table edge.
    • Finally, the GP player places Waypoints 2 through 4, marking a path between the Start and End tokens.
      • These Waypoint tokens must be within 18" of the next token in the path.
      • At least one must be within 18" of the Start and another within 18" of the End token.
      • Once all Waypoints have been place, the GP player will set up two Camel Trucks within 4" of Waypoint 1.
  • SO Objective: Delay The Convoy
    • 1 Point - Score 1 point for each Supply Marker taken from a Camel Truck and held at the end of the game.
    • 1 Point - Score 1 point for each disrupted Waypoint at the end of the game (max 4).
  • GP Objective: Escort Supplies
    • 1-5 Points - At the end of the game score points equal to the number of the Waypoint that the Camel is at.
    • 1 Point - The SO player controls no Supply Markers taken from the Camel Truck at the end of the game.
  • Special Rules:
    • Camel Caravan
      • The Camel Trucks do not take damage, cannot move (other than being placed near a Waypoint), and cannot be locked in melee, but otherwise acts as members of the Force Leaders combat group.
    • Waypoints
      • At the end of a turn, if the next Waypoint in order is controlled by the GP player, place the Camel Trucks within 4" of that Waypoint (or as close as possible if there is no room). For example if the Camel is at Waypoint 2 and the GP player controls Waypoint 3 at the end of the turn, the Camel is placed within 4" of Waypoint 3.
      • For the purposes of controlling the Waypoints, Leaders count as two models.
    • Stolen Supplies
      • The Camel Trucks both carry a Supply Marker for the SO player, do not remove the Camel Truck when the Supply Marker is picked up.
    • Disrupt Waypoints
      • The SO player may Disrupt a Waypoint via an Interact action or a You Have One Job order.
      • The SO player may move a Disrupted Waypoint up to 6" from its initial position, but it must remain within 18" of the previous and next Waypoint. Each Waypoint may only be Disrupted once.

Deployment Map: Supply Line Strike