Rules v0.3.3


Actions and Orders


Interact is a catchall action for interacting with scenario objectives. Interact will change the game state of objectives in varying ways, which will be defined in the scenario rules.

Common Rules of Interact:

  • If the model is crippled or destroyed due to reaction fire when declaring Interact, the action is not resolved and is considered to have failed.
  • Interact must be declared when in base to base contact with an objective or objective marker.

You Have One Job

You Have One Job is a new type of order. A commander issues this order to a single friendly model under its command to interact with a scenario objective or scenario effect.

  • It must be the ordered model's activation
  • If the interaction is with a scenario objective, the friendly model must be in base to base contact. Base contact may not be required for effects. See the scenario rules.

Deployment Types

Corner Deployment

Divide the table diagonally, from corner to corner. Players deployment zones are the area 12" away from the center line. Airdrop and Special Operations deployment models may not deploy beyond the center line of the table.

Sample corner deployment map: Seize Control

Split Corner Deployment

Each player has two square deployment zones that are 1/3 of the width and depth of the table, located on the corners of their half of the table. The area where Special Deployment models may set up is modified in this mission, but all other rules regarding the deployment are followed as normal (formation, water terrain, etc.):

  • Sub and Airdrop deployment may deploy anywhere in their table half.
  • Recon may deploy up to 1/3 of the table depth from their own table edge (simply put, the area between the two deployment zones).
  • Special Operations deployment deploy within 6" of any table edge in their table half.

Sample split corner deployment map: Seize Control


Command Group

The command group is the combat group containing the Force Leader.

Force Type

Some missions require each army be given a force type.

  • The primary role of the combat group including the Force Leader sets overall force type, e.g. if your FL is in your RC group, your force type is RC.
  • Force Type (and matchup with opponent’s Force Type) sets the mission.
  • FL type need not match CG type, but must be legal via sublist rule or secondary role.
  • Secondary Objectives cannot be chosen by Force Leader's group, must be chosen from the other CGs.
  • When writing an army list for Black Talons, they may choose the Special Operations role instead of their normal Army Role. Make note of this on the army list.

High Value Asset

High Value Asset tokens are 25mm tokens which are placed next to a model to indicate that model is in possession of a High Value Asset. Move the token with the model until the token is dropped or leaves play.

If the model carrying a High Value Asset token is destroyed, it drops the token in base to base with it. When dropped, roll 1d6. On a 5+, the token is destroyed and leaves play.

Dropped tokens may be picked up with an Interact action.


The missions in HGBTS will use different objective types for various missions. Rules for these can be found below.

Objective Types

Objective Types are used in conjunction with one of the Scoring Methods (below) to generate objectives for a mission. An example would be a Dominate Marker, which uses the Dominate scoring method with the Marker type to determine how the scoring criteria.

  • Marker: Markers are represented by a 40mm base or token. The scoring area for Markers is the area within 4" of the marker. Models without LOS to the token, and destroyed models are ignored when determining if the objective will be scored.
  • Sector: A sector is a defined area of the battlefield, normally with a rectangular geometry. The Mission Rules will define the boundaries for any Sectors in use.

Scoring Methods

These methods are used to determine the scoring criteria for an objective zone or marker. Models are considered to be in the scoring area if a majority of their silhouette is in the area. In all circumstances, a model which is destroyed cannot be used to determine if the objective will be scored.

  • Control: A marker or area is “controlled” if you have more models than your opponent in the scoring area.
  • Secure: A marker or area is “secured” if you have more actions than your opponent in the scoring area.
  • Dominate: A marker or area is “dominated” if you have more points of models than your opponent in the scoring area. Models which are Crippled are worth 50% of their TV.

Kill Objective

A model is killed for the purposes of this objective if it's remaining Hull and Structure are reduced to 0 or below at the end of the game.

Scan Marker

A Scan Marker is a 40mm objective marker. Scan Markers may not be placed within 12" of another Scan Marker.

Scan Marker objectives are scored when a model performs a successful Detailed Scan action on the marker. The Scan Marker is treated as having rolled a 5.

Supply Marker

See p19 of the main rules under Raid.

Survival Points

The total TV of a player's models, with remaining H/S greater than 0 at the end of the game is that player's Survival Points. Models which are Crippled only count for 50% (rounded up) of their TV.