Rules v0.3.5

Triangulation (RC vs RC)

Two Recon elements battle it out to triangulate a distress signal of a High Value Target’s crashed aircraft in the desert.

  • Deployment Zone: Standard 12” deployment zone
  • Table Setup: After deployment is complete, both players secretly pick a terrain element on the table to be their triangulation marker.
  • RC Objectives: Triangulate the Distress Signal
    • 2 Points for using Sensor Sweep on the opponent's triangulation point. May be scored once per turn, maximum 6 points.
  • Special Rules:
    • Sensor Sweep - As the result of using an action or You Have One Job order you may:
      • Make an unopposed EW roll.
      • If successful, your opponent will measure half of the sensor radius of the declaring model.
      • Your opponent will let you know if the triangulation marker is in the radius.
    • Sensor Sweep may be jammed, and Jammed models may not declare the use of Sensor Sweep.

Deployment Map: Triangulation