Rules v0.3.5

Eye of the Storm

Deployment Secondary Objectives Objective Markers
Scattered 2 Objectives Scan Marker, Control Sector

Scattered Deployment

The table is divided into 4 sectors, numbered 1-4. When deploying each combat group, the deploying player must roll a D6.

Roll Effect
1-4 Group is deployed in the corresponding sector.
5 Group is deployed in a sector of the deploying player's choice
6 Group is deployed in a sector of the opponent's choice
  • Combat groups must be deployed in formation.
  • No model may deploy within 6" of an enemy model.
  • Special Deployment Options
    • Recon - You may deploy 6" outside your chosen sector.
    • Airdrop/Submerged - You may deploy in a neighboring sector, following the airdrop/submerged rules (rolling for airdrop or in a body of water).
    • Special Operations - You may deploy in a 6" strip along the table edge up to 12" outside of your chosen sector.

Primary Objectives

Objective Points Timing Condition
1 End of Round 2 Scan same number of Scan Markers
2 End of Round 2 Scan more Scan Markers
1 each End of Game Control Sectors

Objective Placement

Each sector has a Scan Marker placed at its center.

The player that won the deployment initiative chooses a table edge to be theirs. For the purposes of placing Capture/Control Markers and for Break the Line, each player has a 12" deployment zone, as shown in grey in the figure.

Special Rules

There is a passing tempest, which has the following effects.

  • During the first round of the game, the entire table is considered to be covered in Smoke and thus grants +1d6 defense to all units except Elevated VTOLs. Smoke does not stack with this bonus.
  • All VTOLs must be elevated for the entirety of the first round of the game.

Eye of the Storm