Rules v0.3.5

Encirclement (SK vs GP)

The SK Force breaks through a small gap in the battle line and attempts an encirclement while the GP Force desperately tries to plug the gap.

  • Deployment Zone: Corner Deployment
  • Table Setup:
    • Divide the table into 3 rows and 3 columns, i.e. 9 equal regions.
    • Place a Control Marker at the center of each of the 8 regions bordering a table edge.
    • The center region is considered a Control Sector.
  • SK Objective: Encirclement
    • 1 Point - Score a Control Marker at the end of the game, maximum of 4 points.
    • 2 Points - Control an unbroken path of scored Control Markers from your deployment zone to the GP player's deployment zone. This will be 4 markers in total, including both players deployment zones.
  • GP Objective: Plug the Gap
    • 1 Point - At the end of the turn, control the Control Sector.
    • 1 Point - Control the control markers in the corner regions that are not used as deployment zones, 1 point each.

Sample corner deployment map, set up, and scoring areas. Encirclement

  • Scoring Example.
    • SK Objectives: This player scores 4 points for securing Control Markers, plus 2 points for controlling a path of markers linking both deployment zones, for a total of 6 points.
    • GP Objectives: This player scored the Control Sector for 3 turns, and at the end of the game, controls marker in one of the non-deployment zone corners, for a total of 4 points.

Encirclement Scoring