Rules v0.3.5

Wild Weasel (RC vs FS)

In an effort to establish air superiority, the RC force is marking targets for airstrikes, particularly a pair of AA towers.

  • Deployment Zone: Standard 12” deployment zone
  • Table Setup:
    • After deployment zones are chosen, the FS player places a pair of Rotary Cannon Turrets on their side of the table, 12" outside of their deployment zone.
  • RC Objectives: Danger Close!
    • 1 Point - Destroying a Rotary Cannon Turret.
    • 1 Point - Having called in an airstrike (max 2 per turn, max 4 points).
  • FS Objectives: Establish Air Defense
    • 1 Point - Activating a Rotary Cannon Turret
    • 1 Point - Destroying at least 50% of the actions of the RC Command Group
    • 1 Point - Destroying 100% of the actions of the RC Command Group
    • 2 Points - Destroying the enemy Force Leader.
  • Special Rules:
    • Activating Rotary Cannon Turrets - The FS player (only) may Interact with the Rotary Cannon fortification to “Activate” it.
      • Once activated, the Rotary Cannon Turret is controlled by the FS player and:
      • May only declare Reaction Fire against Airstrikes only, no other actions or attacks are allowed.
      • The Rotary Cannons are not part of any combat group and may not be activated in the active turn.
    • Airstrikes
      • At the start of each turn, the RC force gains two Airstrike Tokens (any combination of High Explosive or Napalm, RC player’s choice)
      • These airstrikes can only be used as part of a Fire Mission with the Forward Observation action being declared by:
      • A member of the Command Group
      • A model under the effects of the You Have One Job order.
      • An Airstrike is considered to be successfully called in if:
      • An Airstrike Token hits an enemy model during a Forward Observation.
      • An Airstrike Token hits an enemy model as a Basic Airstrike.

Deployment Map: Wild Weasel