Rules v0.3.5


In order to take part in an official HGBTS event, players are required to bring everything they need to play, including:

  • Miniatures.
  • Tape measure.
  • Templates and markers.
  • Dice.
  • Army lists.

Participation in HGBTS events implies knowledge and acceptance of all rules in this document as well as any rules set forth by the event Organizer.


All participants in an event, whether Organizers, Players, or guests, are expected to conduct themselves in a friendly and considerate manner at all times. If a participant disrupts the good atmosphere of an event, the Organizer may remove them from play.

Minimum player etiquette includes giving the opponent time to clearly see the results on your dice before picking them up, sharing with the opponent all open information from your army list and clarifying it as often as requested, and waiting for the opponent to declare any reactions, order expenditure, reroll opportunities, etc. before proceeding with play.


All miniatures used by the players must be from the DP9 official Heavy Gear range and must be assembled with at least their main components and based if appropriate, using the base supplied with the figure or another of the appropriate size, as detailed in the Heavy Gear Blitz! Rulebook.

Each miniature must represent faithfully the unit it stands for, including its equipment and weapon options. If a player does not have the official miniature, then at the tournament organizer's discretion, they can use a different DP9 miniature as a stand-in, but they must clearly inform their opponent of what that figure represents.

Line of Sight (LOS)

For the sake of clarity, every figure in play must display its 180ยบ Line of Sight arc by means of distinct painted markings on its base or by some other clearly visible means.


Unless otherwise specified by the rules of the event, figures do not need to be painted. Painting is recommended to enjoy the experience of hobby to the maximum.


Under no circumstances can miniatures from other brands or manufacturers be used as proxies. The use of other DP9 miniatures is allowed; however, players must inform their adversary which unit is being represented. The figure must use the same size silhouette and base as the unit being represented.

Converted Figures

Use of converted figures is allowed, and in fact encouraged, as long as most or all the figure is composed of parts from DP9 miniatures and the figure accurately represents the unit and weapon option it stands for. The figure must use the same size base as the unit being represented.

Army Lists

Army Lists must conform to the rules laid out in the Heavy Gear Blitz! rulebooks and the special rules of the event, if there are any.

Game Rules

The Official Game Rules and Official Army Lists are those published by DP9 on the official Heavy Gear Blitz! website. All game rules, FAQs, Rules Errata, and army lists published up to one week before the date of an event apply to that event.