Rules v0.3.5

Tournament Rules

An HGBTS tournament pits 4 or more players in one-on-one games over 3 or more Tournament Games.

Tournament Type

HGBTS Tournaments will be one of three types:

  • Matched Scenarios - Each round will be one mission selected from the HGBTS Matched Scenarios ### Matched Objective Scenarios. The Organizer must make the chosen Scenarios known when the tournament is first announced so that players can take them into account when building their Army Lists.
  • Meeting Engagements - These tournaments will use the Meeting Engagement mission generator.
  • Advanced Operations - These tournaments will use the Advanced Operations mission generator.

Tournament Rounds

A tournament with many players generally requires more Tournament Rounds:

Number of Players Tournament Rounds
4-8 3
9-16 4
17+ 5

Treat this table as a guideline, the Organizer has final say in the number of Tournament Rounds.

Tournament Tiers

Tournament Tiers determine the number of Army Points players can use to build their armies.

  • Skirmish Tier - 100-149 TV (100 or 125 recommended for most tournaments).
  • Battle Tier - 150+ TV.

Army Composition Rules

The Organizer must make the Tournament Tier and the Threat Value known when the event is first announced so players can take that into account when building their Army Lists.

  • Each player submits two Army Lists, both lists must be constructed from the same faction and sub-list.
  • Leagueless forces must use the same upgrade options for both lists. The factions selected for The Source and Additional Source must be the same. Any rules selected from Northern Influence, Southern Influence, or Protectorate Sponsored, must be the same in both lists as well.
  • Lists must observe all rules for army building set forth in the Heavy Gear Blitz! rulebooks.
  • Each player must bring easily accessible copies of each of their complete army lists, and submit a copy of both of their lists to the Organizer before the first Tournament Round begins.
  • Additionally, every player must be able to provide an easily accessible copy of the list they are using to their opponent upon request.

The Tournament Organizer can require players turn in their Army Lists in advance to check their validity.

Players choose which of their Army Lists to use in a Tournament Round at the beginning of that Round, after they have been informed of who their opponent is, what faction they face, and which table they will be using. After both players have selected their army lists, they should take a moment to exchange and review each other's lists before the game begins.

Extended Content

By default, Extended Content from the DP9 Community Site is legal in HGBTS tournaments. If a Tournament Organizer would like to omit them from their event, they can do so with the By The Book optional rule.

Named characters may be used, and may take upgrades from the Standard Upgrade list. They may be taken as Duelists or Combat Group Leaders, provided their rules do not prohibit it. They may not take additional Command, Veteran or Duelist Upgrades or other modifications to their profile from faction or sublist rules, unless explicitly mentioned in their own rules.

Table Sizes

Skirmish Tier games are played on a 4'x4' game table and treats any mission using Long Edge deployment as Narrow Edge instead (no need to play sideways). Battle Tier games are played on a 6'x4' game table.

Game Length

All games in HGBTS are played with 4 rounds.

If games are unable to be finished within the time allowed by the event, when time is called, you will score as if the current turn had ended, and then score as if the game has ended. After scoring the final turn and end of game, the scores will be reported as normal.

Secondary Objectives

Some missions will require players to select secondary missions objectives. Follow the normal rules for selecting Objectives on page 19 of the main rules. Any markers generated from secondary objectives must be placed at least 6" from the markers for the mission in play.