Rules v0.3.5

Establish Supply (SK vs SK)

Two SK Forces are both trying to secure a supply line through the same territory.

  • Deployment Zone: Split Corner Deployment
  • Table Setup: After deployment zones have been chosen, starting with the player who selected the deployment zones each player will use, do the following:
    • Each player places a 40mm Start token within 6" of their table edge.
    • Each player places a 40mm End token within 6" of the enemy table edge.
    • Each player places 3 40mm Control Markers, termed "Waypoint" for this mission, on the table, marking a path between the Start and End tokens.
      • These Waypoint tokens must be within 18" of the next token in the path.
      • At least one must be within 18" of the Start and another within 18" of the End token.
      • Waypoint tokens aree cons
  • SK Objective: Plant Beacons
    • 1 Point - Plant a Beacon at Waypoint (1 per each)
    • 1 Point - Control a Waypoint with a Beacon at the end of the game.
  • Special Rules
    • Planting Beacons - Any commander may plant a Beacon at a Waypoint via the Interact action or as the result of a successful You Have One Job order.
    • Disrupting Waypoints
      • Players disrupt a Waypoint via an Interact action or a You Have One Job order.
      • Disrupted Waypoints require two more models than their opponent at that Waypoint to control it.

Deployment Map: Establish Supply