Rules v0.3.5

Prisoner Exchange

Deployment Secondary Objectives Objective Markers
Standard 2 Objectives Control Marker

Primary Objectives

Objective Points Timing Condition
2 End of Game Control Camel Trucks (2 OP each)
2 End of Game Control both Camel Trucks

Objective Placement

Each player receives one camel truck, which they may deploy normally in their deployment zone. At the end of the game, treat the camel truck as a Control Marker. These camels may not be used to transport any models.

Special Rules

  • Your opponent controls your camel truck as if it was the sole member of an additional combat group in their army.
  • Camel trucks do not take damage, but may be affected by ECM attacks and the Haywire effects of the Particle Accelerator class of weapons.

Prisoner Exchange