Rules v0.3.5

Spy vs Spy (SO vs SO)

Two special operations forces meet under the cover of night to engage in clandestine warfare!

  • Deployment Zone: Corner Deployment
  • SO Objectives: Stay quiet!
    • 1 Point - Destroy an enemy commander (max 3). If all enemy commanders have been destroyed, score 3 points.
    • 1 Point - If an enemy commander is destroyed with a Silent weapon while the firing model is in the “Hidden” state or via a melee attack (max 2).
    • 1 Point - Destroy the enemy Force Commander.
  • Special Rules
    • Night Fighting - LOS is limited to Sensor Range. Starting turn 2, before rolling for Initiative, roll 1D6. On a 4+ the dawn has come and this rule is no longer used.

Deployment Map: High Speed Low Drag