Rules v0.3.5

Optional Rules

A tournament organizer may choose to employ any number of the following optional rules to apply to all games played during the event. Usage of these rules should be announced alongside the mission selection for a tournament. Some of these rules are experimental for future versions of Heavy Gear Blitz, so please use them and share your feedback.

Blind Missions

The missions are not announced in advance. Players must make their armies for any possible mission.

By The Book

Extended Content from the DP9 Community site will not be used.

Restricted Combat Groups

When this Optional Rule is in use, each player is limited to a set number of combat groups, determined by the event organizer. The suggested limit is 1 Combat Group per full 50TV, plus one. So at 125 TV, each player would have at most 3 Combat Groups. When this Optional Rule is in use, the event organizer may also decide that Pass Tokens will not be used.

Protect the Camels

Camel Trucks may be used as Control Markers, instead of using normal Control Markers. The vehicle(s) will be deployed as regular models by the player's force, and these Camel Trucks take damage as a normal model would.

The player's objective will be to simply keep them alive until the end of the game. Each Hold Objective selected will relate to a maximum of two Camel Trucks. Each Camel which is not destroyed at the end of the game is worth 1 Objective Point.