Rules v0.3.3

Fire Support (SO vs FS)

A SO force tries to silence the big guns by taking out their leadership!

  • Deployment Zone: Standard 12” deployment zone
  • Table Setup:
    • The SO player's table half is a Dominate Sector.
  • SO Objective: Take out and secure the enemy FC!
    • 3 Points - Destroy the enemy Force Leader! If overkilled, leave it in place as a wreck.
    • 1 Point - Starting Turn 2, at the end of each turn, control the enemy Force Commander as if it were a Control Marker objective. The force commander will count as an enemy model for the purposes of scoring, unless it is a wreck.
  • FS Objective: Advance!
    • 1 Point - Starting at Turn 2, Dominate the SO player's table half at the end of the turn.
    • 1 Point - Starting at Turn 2, have the all surviving members of your Command Group outside your deployment zone.