Rules v0.3.5


The Event Organizer is the person, store, or club that will organize and manage the event. Organizers are expected to be an example of good conduct, whether they are participating in the event as players or not.

Duties of the Event Organizer

The Organizer is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the rules of the event and the game rules are observed.
  • Providing an adequate venue for the event, as well as anything else required to play (tables, scenery, etc.).
  • Establishing the times and duration of each game.


During events, Referees are the ultimate authority in matters of game rules, which is why they are expected to make fair rulings and to devote all the time necessary to solving the players' doubts. To make the Referee's job easier, players are encouraged to try to solve their disputes in a friendly manner, and only turn to the Referee if an agreement cannot be reached.

Once requested, the Referee's rulings are final, even if they contradict the rules. This is for the sake of speed of play and overall smooth execution of the tournament. It therefore behooves the referee to have excellent and accurate understanding of the rules.

A Referee can establish the sanction they consider appropriate if a player doesn't follow the rules determined by the Organizer. The Referee and the Organizer of the event will often be the same person.

If they are not, the Organizer is bound by the rulings of the Referee like any other participant, both in matters of game rules and conflict resolution.

To prevent conflicts of interest, it is advisable but not mandatory for the Referee to abstain from participating in the event as a player. If the Referee is playing in the event, a Secondary Referee should be used for rule calls in the game involving the Referee.