Rules v0.3.5

Event Scoring

Ranking during a tournament is determined by the player's Tournament Points score. score. After each Round, players are awarded Tournament Points depending on their game's outcome.

The decisiveness of a player's victory and its associated Tournament Points reward is measured by the difference in Objective Points scored by each player, as per this table:

Outcome Tournament Points Conditions
Victory 3 Earning more Objective Points than the opponent
Bye 3 Player was assigned a Bye.
Tie 1 Earning as many Objective Points as the opponent
Defeat 0 Earning fewer Objective Points than the opponent
Offensive Bonus +1 Earning 4 or more Objective Points
Defensive Bonus +1 Losing with only 1 less Objective Point

Once the last Tournament Round has finished, it is the duty of the Organizer to rank the players according to their total Tournament Points scores.

  • The winner of the tournament is the player who ranked first, that is, the one with the highest Tournament Points score.
  • If two or more players are tied for the same position, they are ranked according to their total Objective Points.
  • If both their Tournament Points and Objective Points scores are equal, players are ranked according to their total Survival Points. If this fails to break the tie, players are ranked according to the total of the Objective Points achieved by their opponents in the tournament.

Player Pairings

  • Pairings for the first Tournament Round are assigned at random.
  • From the second Tournament Round onwards, a Swiss system is used. Players are ranked according to their Tournament Points scores, and ties are broken by comparing total Objective Point/Survival Point scores as above.
  • Once all players are ranked, opponents are assigned in descending order of ranking (first against second, third against fourth, etc.).

Odd Numbers of Players (Byes)

If the number of players in the tournament is not even, each Tournament Round one of the players will have to wait for the next Tournament Round to play; that player is said to be "Given a Bye."

A player who takes a Bye is awarded a Victory (worth 3 Tournament Points), 0 Objective Points and 0 Survival Points for that Round.

  • The Organizer must make sure that a single player is never given more than one Bye during a tournament.
  • For the first Tournament Round, the player given a Bye is determined at random.
  • In subsequent Tournament Rounds, the player with the lowest ranking takes a Bye, unless that player had already taken a Bye in one of the previous Tournament Rounds. In that case, the player with the next lowest ranking who had not previously taken a Bye is given the Bye.
  • Once the last Tournament Round ends, calculate the average Objective and Survival Points in Rounds played for players given a Bye. The average is applied as the score for their Bye round.