Rules v0.3.5

Matched Scenarios

The tactical flexibility of the game mechanics of Heavy Gear Blitz allows for the games to be much more than simply setting out to exterminate the enemy. In the HGBTS (Heavy Gear Blitz! Tournament System), the organized game system of Heavy Gear Blitz, games are laid out with a set number of objectives to meet (e.g. take control of a building), or specific game conditions (e.g. Special Terrain Areas).

o These kinds of games are referred to as missions or scenarios, and they recreate tactical situations as well as operations from the military sphere and espionage circles of the highest levels. Granted, a mission or a scenario means a higher level of difficulty, requiring greater planning of the Army List as well as a more polished set of tactical and gaming abilities on the part of the player. However, they also mean a greater level of fun and entertainment than the regular extermination game.

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