Rules v0.3.5

Plausible Denial (SO vs RC)

A RC unit stumbles upon an SO unit operating in their jurisdiction and scrambles to report the infiltration!

  • Deployment Zone: Standard 12” deployment zone
  • Table Setup:
    • The SO player chooses three of their commanders to start with a High Value Asset marker.
  • RC Objectives: Gather Evidence
    • 1 Point - Detailed Scan or ECM Attack an enemy commander with an High Value Asset marker (max 3). If all enemy commanders have been scanned, score 3 points.
    • 1 Point - Be in possession of a HVA Token at the end of the game (max 3).
  • SO Objectives: Leave No Witnesses!
    • 1 Point - Be in possession of an HVA Token at the end of the game (max 3).
    • 2 Points - At the end of the game, all HVA Tokens are in your possession or destroyed.
    • 1 Point - Kill the RC Force Commander.
  • Special Rules
    • When a model controlled by the RC player successfully uses Detailed Scan or ECM Attack against one of the three commanders starting with High Value Asset tokens, immediately transfer the HVA token to the scanning model.
    • If the SO force has less than three commanders eligible for carrying a High Value Asset marker at the start of the game, the RC player is considered to be in possession of each "missing" HVA token for the entirety of the game.

Deployment Map: Plausible Denial