Rules v0.3.5

Advanced Operations

If a tournament is of the Advanced Operations asymmetric type, instead of using the standard scenarios, the Force Type of each player will determine the mission they're playing.

This way, each player will have 5 missions to prepare for, determined by their opponent. In addition to the Army Composition Rules, each of the players list must have the same Force Type for the Advanced Operations mission system!

Mission Selection

Using each player's Force Type, reference the following table to determine the mission to be played:

GP Pitched Battle Encirclement Reconnoiter Supply Line Strike Attrition
SK Establish Supply Supply Search Prisoner Transfer Ambush
RC Triangulation Plausible Denial Wild Weasel
SO Spy vs Spy Fire Support
FS Clash of Titans

Secondary Missions

Each player will select two Standard Missions from the Heavy Gear: Blitz rule book, following the rule book and sublist rules for valid selections. An additional 4 Objective Points may be earned in this fashion. Each player will have up to 10 possible points to score during the game.