Rules v0.3.3

Season Alpha Special Rules

The following rules are in use for the duration of Season Alpha of HGBTS. Tournament Organizers may choose to exclude some or all of them at their discretion. Any rules not in used for an event should be noted in the event information.

Area Secured

Universal Infantry count as double their TV value for the purposes of controlling sectors.

Keep on Target

When performing Forward Observation, a model will suffer a -1D6 penalty to their EW roll if they are moving at Top Speed.

Mechanized Deployment

Any vehicle with the Transport trait that is deployed with embarked infantry or gears may deploy up to 6" outside their deployment zone.

Mechanized Deployment may not be used with other deployment skills such as AirDrop or Sub. Vehicles which have an Armor attribute greater than 8 or VTOL trait may not use this special rule.

Urban Sensor Interference

Sensors may only pass through a single medium cover building, effectively treating the second building the sensors would pass through as heavy cover.

Veteran Combat Groups

Instead of purchasing the Veteran upgrade individually, an entire combat group may be given the Vet trait for 5 TV. This follows all the normal restrictions for number of veteran combat groups allowed in the force, and does not replace the ability to purchase the veteran upgrade for individual models. Models with the Conscript trait in a group upgraded in this way will not gain the Veteran trait.

This upgrade does not increase the value of models for the purpose of Survival Points, Control Sectors, or other rules based on the TV of the model.